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Walmart to go 100 per cent LED
Walmart, the American icon we love to hate, is again making news with its proactive approach to sustainability. Being green [more]
Finding high-wattage LED replacement bulbs
In the lighting world, there are few bulb configurations as popular and widely used as halogen PAR38 bulbs. These sturdy [more]
Paris landmark retrofits with LED lighting
Some months ago, we reported that the world’s most famous museum, the Louvre in Paris, was in the process [more]
LED lighting grows better vegetables!
The taste of a salad made with freshly picked lettuce, tomatoes and basil is just a memory of long-ago summer [more]
LED for safer homes
A dark house can not only be spooky, but also dangerous. You may think that falling down is more embarrassing [more]
Mall brightens parking garage with LED
When consumers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, need to go shopping they have the option to visit the Shops of Grand Avenue. [more]
LED Improves Madison Square Garden experience
Madison Square Garden has been the world's most famous sporting arena since before the cur [more]
Zoos and LED: natural co-habitats
Being eco-friendly and being a zoo go hand in hand, and what better way to be green than t [more]
Want to watch a movie? Turn on the light
That’s right. Some time in the very near future your favourite streaming video, email or [more]
LED payoff $2 million for Vegas hotels
When the Las Vegas Sands Corp. began construction on their 5 Diamond resort, the Palazzo w [more]
LED a powerful tool in retail
Retailers are always looking for new and better ways to market their goods to consumers. A [more]
Israeli resort spruces up with LED lights
Eilat, Israel, is a top vacation destination for visitors from around the region and the w [more]